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Tooting Online is Closed for Maintenance

Sorry Tooting Online is currently closed whilst we determine the future of the website and attempt to build a new website which will include a brand new updated discussions forum and as well as some other useful resources.Under construction.

If you are new to the website - welcome to Tooting Online. This is a hyper-local website for the Tooting, London SW17 area and it is the leading independent website for all things Tooting related. It has thousands of registered members and contains local news, information, details of new developments and lots more. A major feature of this site is the Tooting Forum which is a moderated family friendly online discussions forum run by and for the people of SW17. The forum provides a platform to share information of all the interesting and fun things going on in the area, a good way to ask for and give help & advice to others in the community who need it and a way to find out about new shops and restaurants opening in the area. It also serves as a platform for discussing local news and to raise awareness of important local issues.

If you are an existing forum member - we will aim to contact you to let you know when we have things running again on the email you provided when you joined. We will be attempting to move all forum members, forum threads and posts to the new forum platform. (If you missed the announcement about what's going on as you were away on holiday. Please read the archive copy of the announcement thread below.)


Please check back regularly to see what is going on.



Plain text archive copy of announcement thread (read only) from the old forum follows:

Major Announcement on the Future of Tooting Online

Sun 14th Aug 2016, 08:00 AM


We have a major announcement to make with regards to the future of Tooting Online.

Tooting Online is something that was only supposed to be a spare time activity. It is now requiring an ever increasing amount of time and money to run and maintain the site, particularly as we pay for all of it out of our own pocket. In addition to the front-end activity that everybody sees, we continually have to carry out back-end updates to ensure the forum software continues to function properly.

This is where the first problem occurs. To ensure user safety and security we paid for commercial forum software. We had hoped that the software platform would be viable for running Tooting Online for a long time. Unfortunately the software we are using is no longer up-to-date and is reaching what we consider as being EoL (end of life). The immediate paid successor to the software is poor and is unsuitable as an upgrade, so we will have to write it off.

Looking at other commercial forum software, most are unsuitable. One is not bad but the problem of moving to this new platform, apart from cost and configuration, is how easy will it be to use compared to what is there now. It has a different look, feel and user experience to what everyone is used to seeing. We would also lose some features whilst gaining others and many old web links will no longer work.

Do we want to spend so much time, effort and money trying to move to a new platform for something that now seems to taking up all of our time? Also another problem of running a website of this type is that we often become targets of trolling because we may not agree to support the agendas of certain groups and individuals, but we tend to try our best to ignore these.

This leaves us with a dilemma about what we should do.

As things stand we have several options:

1. Upgrade to the new platform, which we have actually now purchased but are not sure if it's right.

2. Change the site to something that is really quite different, where there is no longer a forum or any members and we just add updates based on what we continue to see happen in and around Tooting.

3. Close the site down in its entirety.

4. Something else that we have not thought of yet.

So what happens now? We'll be closing the Tooting Online forum to new members and in a week's time (Saturday 20 August 2016) we will put the forum into an administrative mode, making the posts and content no longer available to view. After that time, we will move the content (forum members, posts, threads, etc) from the existing forum to the new platform and then see how it performs. We will then take some time to review and decide how to proceed.

Even if we do go for the drastic option of closing the site down, personally we will still remain active in Tooting, as this is where we've lived for many decades and intend to do so for many years to come. We will not stop working hard for Tooting and we will continue to point-out issues to the police and the council, like we have always done in the many years before we had even started the forum and website.

In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the Tooting Online discussions and we're sorry we can't currently give you a more definitive answer with regards to what we intend to do.

Tue 16th Aug 2016, 07:44 AM


We will be closing off forum registrations to new members on the evening of Wednesday 17 August 2016 and then will not be taking any more new forum members for some time (i.e. before, during and also for a while after any forum upgrade period).

Existing forum members can continue to use the forum as normal up to Saturday 20 August 2016, when we will close to take a break to consider the future of the Tooting Online website and try to upgrade the website.

I have been working on a Tooting forum and site since the year 2000 so personally I would like to see it continue but as Ali mentioned, it is extremely hard work running the Tooting Online website and it has been proving increasingly time consuming and costly to do.

I have often found people just assume that we get money and / or help from council or government or someone else to run the site but we don't at all and it is just a private / independent website we do ourselves. I expect we need to work out a way of sustaining the site and how to get things running more efficiently so we as admin do not need to spend the vast number of hours we do on it, just to keep it going. To be honest we (Ali and I) don't even know if other people find this website particularly useful or not. As forum admin we just tend to write on things that we personally think are important, interesting or useful with regards to the local area ourselves and hope others may find some of these topics interesting too. Although forum members are welcome to write on any other subjects which they feel will be of interest as well.

Updating a forum and website can be both scary and exciting. Where the forum software is concerned we could lose some features we really like and find useful to use at the moment but gain other new ones. We can also use the opportunity to make changes to introduce new things to the website and forum as a whole. We had put in a directory in this site but we left it locked as were not satisfied with its usability so perhaps the new site could have a directory. Also perhaps a list of useful emergency telephone numbers for council, police and utilities could be helpful to have.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or questions please feel free to say below - preferably before Saturday is up. Do you find the forum useful and would you like it to continue? An alternative I guess would be to have just an information website with no discussion forum and members. Do you have any ideas of features and / or sections which you think would be useful to have on Tooting Online - either within the forum or as an extra resource outside the forum? Have you got any other ideas which you think will help to make the Tooting Online website more useful to yourself and others?

We will consider any comments submitted to this thread when deciding the future direction of the Tooting Online website.

Thank you to all the Tooting Online forum members for taking part in the discussions.

Tue 16th Aug 2016, 11:36 AM


I find the forum useful and interesting, and thank you for running it. I hope that there's a future for the site - it's not somewhere I visit every day, but I'd be sorry to see it go.

I frequent a few forums (running on vbulletin and phpbb) and I don't see many people using advanced features on this forum; it's primarily used for simple text-based conversations, unless there's something I'm missing. In my view you should focus on a solution which allows you to administrate the site effectively over one offering lots of bells and whistles to users.

Tue 16th Aug 2016, 01:55 PM


Good observations. I'll give a few more details.

My primary concern has always been safety and security of members, where I mean reducing or minimising users being targeted by spammers, hackers and those who would like to join on a phishing expedition. This is why I insisted on buying and using commercial forum software. I knew it would be costly compared to other solutions but I wanted to feel safe using the forum and I wanted anyone else using it to feel just as safe.

This is also why we have a seemingly long-winded registration form that we often get a lot of flack for. We do have certain automated processes in place that gets rid of people signing-up who are known to be spammers etc (from places like China, Russia, Ukraine, India, Vietnam etc), but they have been getting more creative. To try and sift these fake users off we implemented a number of extra fields on the registration form that required a bit more effort and many were unable to follow the instructions and complete the boxes. As they got even more clever we had to add a few more boxes like home postcode. This is one box that they often trip-up on, giving some gibberish or something that does not exist or is nowhere nearby. One problem is that some people insist in putting their whole address in the various publicly visible boxes like home location or background, even though we specifically say not to. We don't require, or want, home addresses and if anyone puts it we remove it immediately for their own safety.

In the earliest incarnation of the Tooting forum, in the early 2000's, we used phpBB but we never opened it to the public due to the debacle that occurred. A decade or so later when we finally decided we should open our forum, irrespective of what others were still doing, I purchased and tried IPB as an alternative. It was just too difficult to administer and unfriendly for users. That's when I purchased VBulletin 4.1x (4.0x was terrible). It was pretty stable, was regularly being updated to maintain security and was sufficiently user friendly. Now the VB4 platform is getting old, I feel that security will become a increasingly greater issue as time progresses and I'm worried for our members safety. We decided we need to do something now, before it becomes an issue. The natural successor to VB4 is VB5, but it is really horrible and a no-go for a paid upgrade.

Hosting is also an issue. Forum softwares are quite resource heavy so we have to use reasonable quality paid hosting and I want any of our data to be located in the UK. With an ever increasing number of users, both members and guests, the requirements and costs have been increasing. That is one of the reasons why we have restricted the use of the forum to people who are actually in the area or have a real connection to Tooting. I had not realised how many people from nearby areas would have liked to use the forum. Ideally I would of liked to have a dedicated hosting for all our needs, but that would cost hundreds of pounds more per month and is totally out of the question for something that we fund ourselves.

Normally with a software update it would just be a case of the site not being available for a short time whilst the work is being carried out, but with a totally new platform it will be very time consuming as it will need careful configuration and all the data has got to be migrated across. It's quite difficult to say how long things will take or how successful it will be. However I have purchased it now and we should see what it is like.

Due to this we need to seriously consider how we should proceed.

Tue 16th Aug 2016, 06:24 PM


I definitely find the forum helpful and would be sad to see it go. As Maytal says, I use a small subset of the features that appear to be available (and suspect many others are the same), so I think a simpler solution may be fine - key issue is security as you say.

Have you tried talking to the operators of other community forums (eg Mumsnet, East Dulwich, etc) about what they use? There may even be synergies in using the same backend...? (but I am no IT person)

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 09:41 AM


The forum software we are currently using actually has even more features that we switched off as we didn't need or want them. Mumsnet use some bespoke software written for them whilst East Dulwich uses an open source (free) software called Phorum.

Bespoke software would generally be out of the question due to cost and open source would be risky as any security problems that may rise could take an extended period to resolve. With a paid solution the company should be obliged to patch any vulnerabilities more rapidly. But saying that there probably are not many platforms that haven't been hacked whether its Mumsnet, various sites using vBulletin, one of the other paid or open source platforms etc. It's just about staying one step ahead of the hackers and spammers. Recently there have been so many instances in the media of sites being hacked and data being stolen.

As mentioned earlier, for me it's always been about the safety and security of our members in our little community, so we're having to take a preemptive action.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 01:31 PM


I really appreciate all of the work you do at Tooting Online. Not just the articles you post, but also the editing and mediating to ensure that the posts are relevant and informative. I do acknowledge that this must take up a huge amount of your time and admire your dedication and commitment. However, I understand that you also have lives outside of the Forum and understand if you do not have the resources to continue. I will be sad to see it go.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 01:37 PM


I love this Forum/site and hugely appreciate your dedication to it. Hope a suitable solution can be found! Viva Tooting Online smile

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 03:54 PM


I would really miss the site.

I use it for knowing what new shops are coming, restaurants and reviews, planning applications - how would we ever know what we need to take action against with easy links to the appeal process. I certainly have put forward comments on a number of planning applications, such as the bookmakers, change of use, the building in the school playground (it successfully reduced in height from the original application) etc a number of times. I also love the history that you guys know and have on the different buildings!

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 03:58 PM


I've been a member of this forum since I moved to the Tooting area just over 3 years ago and it's been a great source of info as I have slowly got to know the area. I always make sure to keep abreast of developments in the area by checking back regularly and would be very sad to see it fold.

That said, as others have commented, I can appreciate the huge amount of time you must invest to what must feel like a thankless task. However some of us do appreciate the great work you guys do and hope you can find a way to keep it up.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 06:13 PM


I really appreciate the website too - it's been a great source of local information in recent years as well as helping me identify local tradespeople when needed. I'd miss it if it goes too. A couple of ideas to consider during your deliberations - is there any scope for building a small band of local volunteers who could help to take the burden off you? People may be willing to give up a little time to investigate new ventures, take pictures of new shops or restaurants etc particularly if near to where they live. Tooting is a pretty community-minded place and people may be willing to play their part in keeping the initiative going. Is it also worth trying to assess which parts of the site people get most value from? This might enable you to focus your attention just on the things that people are most interested in as opposed to the extremely broad range of topics you currently cover.

Thanks for all the hard work. It is appreciated.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 08:59 PM


We'd like to thank everyone for your kind words, comments and ideas. We will be taking all your ideas and comments into consideration as we evaluate how to proceed.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 10:40 PM


I agree with everyone here. I find the site extremely useful and interesting. Many thanks for all your hard work. I understand the issues, but I do hope it can continue in some form.

Wed 17th Aug 2016, 11:42 PM


I have regularly used this forum and do feel that having an open forum is the best format for getting as much information and views about the goings on in Tooting as possible. I do hope you continue to operate the website. Any idea about when you are likely to make your decision?

Thu 18th Aug 2016, 07:18 AM


It would be such a shame to lose this asset to the community - you both work so hard to keep us informed about what's going on, plus your meticulous attention to admin detail right down to spelling and grammar. I had assumed there was an income stream from adverts or something that offset your costs, so full respect for the investment you have made in this site. I have what might be an unpopular suggestion - could you approach TootingLife site with a view to running that for them? Their forum died a death a while back. I'm guessing this isn't an option you would take and wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do.

Thu 18th Aug 2016, 09:05 AM


Like everyone else, I just want to thank you for all your commitment; time and money on running the site and like dibblecat, have always assume there is an income stream that supports this. Shocked to hear not; so massive thank you to you all.

Thu 18th Aug 2016, 11:56 AM


Thank you all for your kind words to everyone posting on this thread. It is much appreciated.

The Tooting Online forum is now closed to new forum registrations as of today. So no more new forum members can join (at least for a bit while we figure out things).

Quote: Originally Posted by dibblecat
I had assumed there was an income stream from adverts or something that offset your costs, so full respect for the investment you have made in this site.

Quote: Originally Posted by saywee
Like everyone else, I just want to thank you for all your commitment; time and money on running the site and like dibblecat, have always assume there is an income stream that supports this. Shocked to hear not; so massive thank you to you all.

Admittedly, other than the time involved in running the website, another important issue we have to solve as a priority is how to fund the site as it has been costing increasing amounts of money with increasing numbers using it (members and visitors) and we don't believe in skimping on website hosting, forum software etc as we think reasonable quality paid options for these are an absolute necessity to keep things safe and secure. Due to the fact we have to look after other people's (members') accounts, forums are more costly and technically harder to run and maintain than say a simple website or blog where just one or two site owners are posting and there are no members. We thought the random Google Ads feature we incorporated would help to pay for things but unfortunately it never did and still doesn't.

One idea we've had so far is replacing the poor quality random Google ads, which pay very little if anything, with better quality local advertising but I don't know how many if any businesses would be interested in this sort of thing and / or how hard this would be to implement in practice. I am currently racking my brain trying to think of any other ideas as to what we might be able to perhaps offer as an extra product or service to people / businesses which they genuinely wouldn't mind paying for as it is useful to them. So if anyone has any suggestions (other than crowdsourcing or asking for donations, which we wish to avoid - as we don't believe in taking money for nothing) this would also be helpful embarrased.

Thu 18th Aug 2016, 12:08 PM


Hi TM1, firstly I also want to reiterate how useful I have found this site in my 4 years in Tooting, it is great that you guys have dedicated the time, resource and cost to hosting this website for like minded individuals who live in Tooting. It is also great that you like to remain independent.

A couple of thoughts, although these might not align with the independence bit, could you work with someone like the Tootopia or Tooting Blues Festival team and combine all the annual events in Tooting with an all year round forum? Perhaps they would be able to help fund the website. These annual events have got more and more popular since the Tooting community has become more involved in the area, which is great to see.

Or perhaps have a one off fundraising event in one of the local pubs, and sell raffle tickets, with perhaps local restaurants donating prizes, as they have all benefited from free advertising over the years on this forum. Without the word of mouth advertising effect I would imagine some of the restaurant success stories wouldn't have been so great. I appreciate that this will take a bit of co-ordination, but if there are prizes, then people are usually happy to buy tickets. Could combine the event on the weekend of Tootopia (23rd-25th September this year) as Tooting will be very busy that weekend.

Hopefully you find an option to continue as it is a great community asset.


Thu 18th Aug 2016, 07:35 PM


I'm going to attempt giving a few answers or responses to some of the questions or comments above.

With regards to when we'll make our decision, I think it will depend how well the new software I bought will work. I think it shouldn't take too long to transfer posts and users but the problems will come with configuring it and customising it. Also trying to figure out how things work and how to make-up for or replace missing features.

After TM1's concepts and ideas were "borrowed" and Tootinglife came about, a company was commissioned to establish and run the site. They still run the site and run numerous other ones throughout the country. That site is still the responsibility of the town centre manager, the role of which we thought was being disbanded to make savings by the council but then was reinstated a short time later and a new one employed.

When establishing our site we decided it would be family friendly, so as with other websites such as even Wandsworth Council we have rules in place with regards to various things including no promotion (advertising) of tobacco, alcohol or gambling. This makes us unpopular with some people as we don't allow posts that would effectively be promoting alcohol to some of our visitors who could be minors. However many of the pub groups and bars appreciate and accept our position.

Funding wise, we initially decided we'd just pay for it ourselves and in subsequent years we just continued as we didn't want to let anyone down who was using the site. As TM1 mentioned, we don't want donations or crowd-funding. We should look at options to make the site self-sustaining.

We also wanted the site to be independent and politically neutral. Contrary to the beliefs of some people, we don't have a hidden agenda of any sort. Tooting is just our home. Our family and parents live here, we all grew up here, we went to school here and still live here and hope to do so for the foreseeable future.

Thu 18th Aug 2016, 09:31 PM


Thank you to all of you who are continuing to post supportive comments and suggestions for us on this thread (please do keep your suggestions coming).

We had intended that people should reply with feedback and comments directly on this forum thread but I thought I would mention that we've had a few comments come through by email as well.

We have had a few nice emails which have been supportive of us to say similar things to that being said by other forum members on this thread.

However we've also had a horrible email sent to us which simply read, "Glad it's closing as was a waste of time and from what I hear run by someone difficult and strange. Streetlife does fine so stay closed". This email was written by someone who had registered on the site years ago but then never used the site (not even logging in once after the time they had registered).

So they wrote this never having had any interaction with us and knowing nothing about Tooting Online and the people who run it. I expect they are probably another one of those troll types that we wouldn't want on any site we run. Needless to say they are now no longer a forum member and are now banned from joining any site we may run in the future. However it does make you think if there are others out there who think the same sad.

Fri 19th Aug 2016, 09:40 AM


I'd love to know what is being said to give anyone a negative impression of us or Tooting Online. I'm certain I'd be able to easily explain or counter anything being said. Most people don't know us or anything about us.

Over the years we've had the odd issue every so often but usually it was something to do with us not agreeing or complying with someone else's agenda. I guess it's my fault in a way as I've generally always taken the stance of not "feeding the trolls" and letting various issues go, instead of publicly taking that person on and exposing them for what they are. I didn't want to inflame any nonsense situations or stoop to their level. Maybe I should have publicly said what had happened and by whom.

Normally we just do not respond, but sometimes it is difficult to ignore something totally unfounded especially if it is coming from someone who pertains to be a respected member of the community. Out of all the years we have run Tooting Online, by far the worst thing we have ever received was just recently. Last Thursday we received an email from who I will only describe as being a senior, relatively new and recent addition to the political landscape in Tooting. What was written was simply shocking and offensive. It upset and angered all of us (me, my sisters and parents). It was full of inaccuracies and essentially all lies about us personally and Tooting Online. Someone in that position should simply know better and it shows inexperience and poor judgement on their part. We didn't even really know that person and had yet to form an opinion of them. Let's just say our opinion of them is not favourable now! As you may expect, I could not let it go this time. I replied to them explaining their inaccuracies and the offence that everyone had taken. I also requested a meeting with them to ascertain why they written what they did and what information was it based on. I have yet to hear anything back, but I did initially get an automated reply that it was received.

The things that annoys us the most are the lies. Especially when people maliciously say we have done or said things that are completly untrue and fabricated. There was a particular nasty event when a number of these liars ganged-up together on Twitter and on another site to try and propagate their lies and bully us.

Anyway, I guess that's the price of running a site like this. It's lies, rumours and innuendo that can simply be disheartening, especially if you genuinely have not done anything.

Fri 19th Aug 2016, 09:57 AM


(Oh, look I'm double posting. Eek)

On a lighter note, I thought it would be nice if any logged-in members visiting this thread could see the directory that never was. Otherwise it would be something that TM1 worked really hard on that never saw the light of day. Unfortunately it is highly integrated with our current platform, so when that goes so will the directory.

You can go to it by clicking on the Directory tab at the top or by going to

We'll also be losing things like the links, the calendar, the news section (custom built by TM1 like the directory) that are also integrated parts of the forum platform.

Fri 19th Aug 2016, 02:00 PM


Hi, echoing the thoughts of previous posters as to the usefulness of the site and the appreciation of your selfless efforts in running it.

Re. funding. Have you looked at potential grants that are available? As this is a site of community benefit I'm sure it would fit with the funding streams of Government (either national or council), charity trusts or maybe lottery funding, that wouldn't disturb the freedom of what you can write.

Sat 20th Aug 2016, 02:11 PM

Gee Tee

I have to say please don't take those negative comments to heart, there is an overwhelming sense of appreciation and love here for the hard work you've put in and the consideration and dedication you've showed in running the site and to us as members has been second to none.

There will always be people out there who are clearly deeply bitter and unhappy with themselves and their lives who act this way to make themselves feel powerful, the result is the opposite and their weakness is exposed.

We're fully behind you for the future, good luck with the migration and setting up the new system.

Sat 20th Aug 2016, 11:00 PM


I was debating whether I should put this or not, but I decided I would and mention a few of the odd occurrences from over the years.

We had information from a number of posts lifted and published in the local Guardian as a couple of articles. The articles were presented like the author had interviewed real people. The interviewed people within the articles were essentially just replies from forum posts by forum members. On noticing the articles we complained to Newsquest (the owners of the local Guardian). They acknowledged that it was from our site, but as a conclusion they refused to remove the articles or publicly acknowledge that the information was from members of Tooting Online. They have also continued to generate advertisement revenue from the pages that those articles are on until this day. As you can expect we refused to interact or provide any information to Newsquest or the local Guardian after this.

Roi Mengelgrein the Tooting Market manager asked to have his forum account removed due to a very odd situation of his making. We received an unsolicited bulk email from him on our forum administration email, one that is only used for purposes of forum management. Worse still the email address was in an open CC list with many other email addresses, thus revealing the forum admin email address to everyone else on the list. We contacted him to request that he did not send unsolicited emails to that address, especially in an open mailing list. His reply was not what we expected, especially as we had even made him a custom forum avatar for Tooting Online.

Quote: Email from Roi Mengelgrein 6 February 2014
As you have no interest in our email/event, we would also request that you kindly delete the Tooting Markets profile on your website as we would not like to be associated with your site.

Many thanks and we look forward to your swift account deletion.

Instead of just apologising for his mistake and saying he would not do it again, he asked for his forum account to be removed and essentially told us not to ever promote anything to do with Tooting Market again. All very odd! As per his request, we swiftly removed his account and no longer associated with him. We later learned that Tooting Market, being managed by Roi Mengelgrein, was owned by a company called Palas Properties Limited. It is run by someone called Shoshana Gilbert and is associated to someone called Baron Deschauer (where Baron is a name and not a title). If you look-up those names on Google a fair amount of information comes up about people losing money in shady land banking schemes!

A forum member flagged a post as being racist. It was a post describing the service that someone had received in a restaurant. Unknown to us, at that time, it turned-out that the person reporting the post was actually the restaurant owner and he did not like the negative nature of the post, even though most of the other ones on the thread were positive. We decided nothing was racist at all in the post and it was just the experience that the person had at the establishment.

A person joined the forum and in their first post they said that a particular restaurant was not very good and that another one was much better, giving the address of the other restaurant in a neighbouring town. It turned-out that the person making the post was the owner of the other restaurant!

A few people had posted comments about a restaurant that had closed. The owner of the former restaurant, who was a member on our forum, took exception to a mildly negative comment and essentially threatened suing the forum for allowing negative comments to be published. We took exception to the threat and the person was no longer permitted to write on the forum.

We had a member join who was making racist comments. So we banned him. At a later date, someone else joined who started to also make racist comments. It turned-out that this second person and the first were the same, but he had joined under a different username and email address. So we had to ban him again.

We've had a number of people join the forum to mislead other members. Due to this we had to add a new forum rule. In most instances the new member asks the other forum members if they know about a specific product, service or establishment. As our members are helpful they often look-up the wanted information and reply. Unfortunately the information provided is already known to the new member as it is actually their own business that happens to be the reply! On one occasion the new member actually joined again as another member using a different email address to reply to themselves!

We've had a few incidences where a forum member is told not to do something or to comply with the forum rules on more than one occasion but they refuse to do so. As they are not willing to comply we do not let them take part in any further discussions.


Wow, this post is getting too long I better stop. Anyway, these are just a few examples of the kind of things we have to deal with as forum administrators. It's a hard job. I'd love to go into depth about the issues caused by the then Town Centre Manager who "borrowed" TM1's whole concept and ideas for a Tooting website and forum when she spoke to her in the year 2000 and then had her own site commissioned. Then there's the later lies and bullying she and others were involved in instigating or propagating against us. Not to forget PRSS who was scraping (helping themselves to) content and data from Tooting Online without our permission. It turned out that the company that makes the PRSS software (MINE International Limited) was offshore registered in the Isle of Man and their UK representative Sam Williams at Games Marketing Ltd, associated with the gambling industry. He also at the time established Tooting Daily PRSS as an example site so he could sell the same idea to others where they take content from other websites, put it on their own and then make money from advertising on their site. Sam Williams has handed over his example Tooting site to others (first to one person and then to another) to run it and is now involved in directly marketing the PRSS concept to others to setup similar sites but for whatever subject or local area they are interested in.

Really, I'm going to stop now. All we need now is all the trolls, bullies and liars to stop making things up that are simply not true.

Sat 20th Aug 2016, 11:46 PM


Thank you to all forum members for taking part in and reading the Tooting Online forum discussions since many years.

Well that's it for now…


We hope to see you again.