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Tooting News

This section contains news brought to you by the Tooting Online editorial Team from every corner of Tooting, London, SW17. This page has news summaries of our latest news stories for Tooting. To see the more detailed news reports, event reviews and discussions or to leave your own comment please follow the links given. You may further discuss the news given here and let us know of any news of your own in the Tooting Forum on this website.

Latest Tooting News

  1. Tiger Bills Thai and American Grill Restaurant to Open on Blackshaw Road, Tooting

    A new branch of Tiger Bills Thai and American Grill restaurant is opening in Tooting next month. The restaurant will be located on Blackshaw Road, where Mote restaurant was previously located, within the St George's Hospital grounds. Read more & comment. - Thu 21st Aug 2014, 05:03 PM

  2. Car Wash and Car Park Plans for the Bowling Green at the former Tooting Constitutional Club site

    Planning permission is being sought by the new owners of the Tooting Constitutional Club site to use the Bowling green area behind the former club site as a car wash and car parking area with a vehicle entrance on Woodbury street. The permission is being sought for an initial temporary period of 1 year at present. Read more & comment. - Thu 21st Aug 2014, 12:58 PM

  3. Go Ahead for New 8 Storey Block of Flats to replace Bedford House on Balham High Road, SW17

    Plans to knock down and replace Bedford House, on Balham High Road, with a new 8 storey block of flats have been approved by Wandsworth Council. Read more & comment. - Tue 19th Aug 2014, 09:15 PM

  4. Premises Licence for the Tooting Constitutional Club Site on Tooting High Street Refused

    Licence requested by new owners of Tooting Constitutional Club site for alcohol & music until late hours has been refused by Wandsworth Council. Read more & comment. - Mon 11th Aug 2014, 08:11 PM

  5. Premier Inn Hotel Planned for RACS Development Site on Upper Tooting Road

    A new Premier Inn Hotel operated by Whitbread PLC is planned for within the RACS development site on Upper Tooting Road. With regards to this, Whitbread PLC have applied to Wandsworth Council for a new licence to sell alcohol and show films, 7 days a week. Comments to this licensing application can be given until 25 August 2014. Read more & comment. - Fri 8th Aug 2014, 09:23 PM

  6. Alcohol Licence applied for Thalam at 112 Tooting High Street

    A new off-licence / convenience store called Thalam which is opening on Tooting High Street in place of a jewellery shop called Swarnamahal. The new store which will be located two doors from Coral bookmakers and near the junction with Hoyle Road has applied for a new alcohol licence. Comments to the licensing application can given to Wandsworth Council by 4 September 2014. Read more & comment. - Fri 8th Aug 2014, 09:12 PM

  7. Alcohol Licence applied for 28 Tooting High Street, the former Broadway Studios Site

    A new alcohol licence application has been submitted for 28 Broadway Studios, the former Broadway Studios site situated behind Natwest Bank. Comments with regards to this can be given to Wandsworth Council's licensing department by Friday 22 August 2014. Read more & comment. - Fri 8th Aug 2014, 08:43 PM

  8. Tooting Bakery, Specialising in Fresh Naan Bread has Opened on Upper Tooting Road

    A new Iraqi style bakery simply called the Tooting Bakery has opened on Upper Tooting Road, just two doors away from the RACS building. It specialises in freshly baked naan bread of many different varieties e.g. plain, cheese, honey etc. Read more & comment. - Mon 4th Aug 2014, 11:38 PM

  9. Ideal Sweets, to open on Upper Tooting Road

    A new Indian sweet shop and bakery called Ideal Sweets is opening on Upper Tooting Road just across the road from the Tooting Islamic Centre, in place of the recently closed Basil Leaf restaurant. Read more & comment. - Mon 4th Aug 2014, 09:56 PM

  10. Basil Leaf, Italian Restaurant, on Upper Tooting Road has Closed Down

    Basil Leaf, an Italian restaurant, which opened on Upper Tooting Road just last year (January 2013) has now closed down. Read more & comment. - Mon 4th Aug 2014, 09:51 PM

  11. Old Church on the Kellino and St Cyprian’s Street Corner to be Converted to Houses

    Plans to convert the little church & former boys club site on the corner of Kellino St in Tooting into 4 residential flats has been approved Read more & comment. - Mon 4th Aug 2014, 12:38 PM

  12. New Brazilian Restaurant to Open on Upper Tooting Road

    A new Brazilian steak & grill restaurant Rodizio-Prata is opening soon on Upper Tooting Road. The restaurant is located next door to Nando's in the premises formally occupied by Taz Cash and Carry. Read more & comment. - Tue 29th Jul 2014, 05:30 PM

  13. Results Announced for St George’s NHS Trust’s Council of Governors Election, July 2014

    Results for St Georges Trust Governors Election were announced today, Tue 29 July 2014. A total of 15 public & 5 staff members were elected. This was the second time the elections were run with the previous elections having been declared void, due to rules having been misinterpreted as to when the elections could be run. The majority of those who were elected this time were the same as those who had been elected in the previously run election with very few changes. Carol Varlaam who was elected for Wandsworth in the last election did not run this time and Thomas Saltiel who had previously won for Lambeth lost his seat by one vote. In addition Khaled Choudhury (the only representative from the Asian community) who had previously been elected for Merton did not get in this time. The turnout for this election was fairly low, with between 12 – 18% of the total number of eligible voters having had voted for each constituency. Read more & comment. - Tue 29th Jul 2014, 02:22 PM

  14. Car Mounts Pavement Bike Stand at 45 Degrees in Upper Tooting Road Accident

    An accident on Upper Tooting Road today (Saturday 26 July 2014) saw a motorist drive his car on to a bike stand on the pavement at 45 degrees, just narrowly missing busy Saturday shoppers and those enjoying their coffees and food at the tables outside the nearby Disottos Grill eatery. Read more & comment. - Sat 26th Jul 2014, 07:22 PM

  15. Shisha Bar on Totterdown Street, Tooting, Applies for Late Night Music Licence

    Lebanese Valley shisha bar, which is located in a yard on Totterdown St belonging to Tooting Market, has applied for a 7-nights-a-week late night music & food/drink licence. Comments about this can be given to Wandsworth Council by Friday 15 August 2014. Read more & comment. - Sat 26th Jul 2014, 01:50 PM

  16. Belaju Cafe, a new Coffee Shop and Delicatessen with Brazilian Food in Broadway Market, Tooting

    A new coffee shop and Delicatessen has opened in Broadway Market in Tooting. They do a mix of English, European and Brazilian cuisine and they have some Brazilian groceries for sale. Amongst their offering they have coffee, cakes, smoothies, sandwiches, homemade burgers and some Brazilian dishes. Read more & comment. - Tue 22nd Jul 2014, 08:23 AM

  17. Honest Burgers, a new Branch on Tooting High Street

    Honest Burgers, a burger restaurant which specialises in using British produce, opened its new premises on Tooting High Street at midday today (Saturday 19 July 2014). Due to an opening day promotion by Honest Burgers, involving the giveaway of free burgers to the first 500 customers, a huge queue formed around the block which stretched quite a distance down nearby Gilbey Road. The burgers currently offered at this restaurant include: dry aged beef, free range chicken and vegetarian. Read more & comment. - Sat 19th Jul 2014, 06:30 PM

  18. Cheque Centre on Mitcham Road, Tooting, has Closed

    Cheque Centre on the corner of Mitcham Road and Mellison Road in Tooting has closed. It is not yet known what will replace it. Read more & comment. - Wed 16th Jul 2014, 09:29 PM

  19. Tooting Library to Withdraw from the London Libraries Consortium

    Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) the company running the Borough of Wandsworth Libraries is withdrawing Tooting Library (and others in the borough) from the London Libraries Consortium. This will be in effect from 3 November 2014. As a result of leaving the consortium Tooting Library members will no longer be able to borrow books simply and for free from the libraries in the consortium which are located in other boroughs across London. The alternative will be ordering books through inter-library loans for which there is a fee and in addition the library may also be able to buy any books, such as popular fiction, which are in great demand. Read more & comment. - Mon 14th Jul 2014, 11:47 AM

  20. Tooting Broadway Station to get a Defibrillator

    Tooting Broadway Station is to get a Defibrillator, a life saving piece of equipment to be used when a person has had a heart attack. Read more & comment. - Wed 9th Jul 2014, 01:30 PM

  21. Major Refurbishment Planned for McDonald’s at Tooting Broadway

    The McDonalds on Mitcham Road in Tooting is to get an exterior facelift, along with a new shopfront and a full interior refurbishment. Read more & comment. - Wed 9th Jul 2014, 12:50 PM

  22. Tooting's Biggest Lidl is Getting a Little Bit Bigger

    The biggest of the three Lidls in Tooting, which is located opposite Tooting Rail Station, is planning an extension to the front of their store. The shop floor will increase from 1200m2 to 1288m2. As a result 11 car parking spaces will be lost and they will be relocating the position of where there shopping trolley park is at the front of the shop. Read more & comment. - Wed 9th Jul 2014, 12:35 PM

  23. St George's Trust Council of Governors' Elections are Underway

    The Council of Governors' Election for St George's Trust is underway. The council of governors will consist of volunteers, from the local community and staff, who have been elected to keep a critical eye on what is being done at St George's after it becomes a Foundation Trust. Voting papers are being sent out from today, Monday 7 July 2014, and the closing date for the votes to be received is Friday 25 July 2014, 5pm. Votes should be posted by 20 July 2014 the latest using the pre-paid 2nd class envelope provided. Read more & comment. - Mon 7th Jul 2014, 11:29 PM

  24. Roosters Spot is Replacing the London Fish Bar on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    Signage for a new fast food shop specialising in peri-peri chicken, called Roosters Spot, has gone up on the former London Fish Bar site opposite Tooting Police Station. Prior to this the site had been empty since the London Fish Bar closed more than a year ago. Read more & comment. - Mon 7th Jul 2014, 09:54 PM

  25. The Broadwater Road Gate to Streatham Cemetery in Tooting has Re-Opened after Many Years

    After more than 20 years of being closed the Broadwater Road Gate to Streatham Cemetery in Tooting has been repaired and re-opened for use by the public. An opening ceremony was held on Sunday 6 July 2014 to mark the re-opening and to celebrate the improvements to the cemetery near the entrance, which include new landscaped garden areas, a new community notice board and a new wooden bench (with more to come). The Friends of Streatham Cemetery, the Groundwork London charity and Lambeth Council (the owner of the cemetery) worked together to get the gate re-opened. It is hoped that this will lead to an underutilised 40 acre tranquil green space right in the in the middle of Tooting being used more by the local community. The cemetery is full of many plants and animals and it is a pleasant place for a stroll. This gate will also allow local people to once again use the footpaths in the cemetery as a quicker and more pleasant walking route to get from Broadwater Road (off Upper Tooting Road) through to Garratt Lane (between Smallwood & Wimbledon roads) missing all the traffic, noise and crowds outside. Read more & comment. - Sun 6th Jul 2014, 07:24 PM

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