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Tooting News

This section contains news brought to you by the Tooting Online editorial Team from every corner of Tooting, London, SW17. This page has news summaries of our latest news stories for Tooting. To see the more detailed news reports, event reviews and discussions or to leave your own comment please follow the links given. You may further discuss the news given here and let us know of any news of your own in the Tooting Forum on this website.

Latest Tooting News

  1. Tooting Broadway Station to get a Defibrillator

    Tooting Broadway Station is to get a Defibrillator, a life saving piece of equipment to be used when a person has had a heart attack. Read more & comment. - Wed 9th Jul 2014, 01:30 PM

  2. Major Refurbishment Planned for McDonald's at Tooting Broadway

    The McDonalds on Mitcham Road in Tooting is to get an exterior facelift, along with a new shopfront and a full interior refurbishment. Read more & comment. - Wed 9th Jul 2014, 12:50 PM

  3. St George's Trust Council of Governors' Elections are Underway

    The Council of Governors' Election for St George's Trust is underway. The council of governors will consist of volunteers, from the local community and staff, who have been elected to keep a critical eye on what is being done at St George's after it becomes a Foundation Trust. Voting papers are being sent out from today, Monday 7 July 2014, and the closing date for the votes to be received is Friday 25 July 2014, 5pm. Votes should be posted by 20 July 2014 the latest using the pre-paid 2nd class envelope provided. Read more & comment. - Mon 7th Jul 2014, 11:29 PM

  4. Roosters Spot is Replacing the London Fish Bar on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    Signage for a new fast food shop specialising in peri-peri chicken, called Roosters Spot, has gone up on the former London Fish Bar site opposite Tooting Police Station. Prior to this the site had been empty since the London Fish Bar closed more than a year ago. Read more & comment. - Mon 7th Jul 2014, 09:54 PM

  5. The Broadwater Road Gate to Streatham Cemetery in Tooting has Re-Opened after Many Years

    After more than 20 years of being closed the Broadwater Road Gate to Streatham Cemetery in Tooting has been repaired and re-opened for use by the public. An opening ceremony was held on Sunday 6 July 2014 to mark the re-opening and to celebrate the improvements to the cemetery near the entrance, which include new landscaped garden areas, a new community notice board and a new wooden bench (with more to come). The Friends of Streatham Cemetery, the Groundwork London charity and Lambeth Council (the owner of the cemetery) worked together to get the gate re-opened. It is hoped that this will lead to an underutilised 40 acre tranquil green space right in the in the middle of Tooting being used more by the local community. The cemetery is full of many plants and animals and it is a pleasant place for a stroll. This gate will also allow local people to once again use the footpaths in the cemetery as a quicker and more pleasant walking route to get from Broadwater Road (off Upper Tooting Road) through to Garratt Lane (between Smallwood & Wimbledon roads) missing all the traffic, noise and crowds outside. Read more & comment. - Sun 6th Jul 2014, 07:24 PM

  6. Yorkys Gym, a New Independent Gym on Charlmont Road in Tooting

    A new independent gym called Yorkys Gym is holding its grand opening tomorrow, Saturday 5 July 2014. The gym is on Charlmont Road, off Mitcham Road, just behind the Long Room (Mitre) pub. Visitors are welcome to come and have a look around and to sign-up to use the gym on this day. The gym can be used from Monday 7 July 2014. The ground floor of the gym is now complete and equipped with all sorts of keep fit equipment but the upper floor, where it is planned that various group activities and classes will occur, is still under construction. Read more & comment. - Fri 4th Jul 2014, 05:20 PM

  7. Article 4 Direction for Controls to Demolition Approved for the Wheatsheaf Pub in Tooting Bec

    Wandsworth Council agreed to implement an Article 4 Direction to control the demolition of the Wheatsheaf pub, located on the corner of Upper Tooting Road and Trinity Road, at a meeting held at the council last night (Tuesday 1 July 2014). However another Article 4 Direction regarding controlling the change of use of the premises has been put on hold until the council can get some legal advice as to whether they can do this at present, prior to changing their planning policies. The council's planning policies currently say that the council supports flexible uses of such properties. The problem being if the council refuses any change of use, they could then be taken to appeal and lose as this is against their own polices and so be faced with a large bill for costs. Read more & comment. - Wed 2nd Jul 2014, 12:10 PM

  8. Council Decides Against Controversial Plans to Close Some Tooting Roads to Through Traffic

    Controversial proposals to close though traffic access for 10 Tooting residential roads in the Fishponds Road area (between Garratt Lane and Trinity Road) were refused at a meeting held at Wandsworth Council last night, Tuesday 1 July 2014. A recent consultation had shown that the majority of those who had responded (62%) were against the idea, as were the local police and Transport for London. Read more & comment. - Wed 2nd Jul 2014, 12:02 AM

  9. A Morrocan Restaurant is to Open in Place of Yip Wong on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    The new owners of the former Yip Wong restaurant site on Mitcham Road in Tooting are going to convert it into a Morrocan restaurant and work has now commenced at the site. Read more & comment. - Tue 1st Jul 2014, 08:38 PM

  10. Papa John's Pizza has a new Branch on the Tooting Bec end of Balham High Road

    A new Papa John's Pizza shop has replaced Tickle Me (Afro-Caribbean takeaway) at 263 Balham High Road, SW17. They open their doors to the public tomorrow, 2 July 2014. Read more & comment. - Tue 1st Jul 2014, 04:40 PM

  11. Tooting Bec Barclays to Close

    The Tooting Bec Barclays branch, located on the corner of Upper Tooting Road and Foulser Road, will be closing down on Friday 19 September 2014. It is not known as yet what business will replace this bank. Read more & comment. - Tue 1st Jul 2014, 09:40 AM

  12. Council Report Recommends Refusal of Road Traffic Closure Trial for 10 Tooting Roads

    A report has been published by Wandsworth Council regarding the outcomes of a recent public consultation on proposals to introduce trial closures to through traffic on ten Tooting roads, between Garratt Lane and Trinity Road, as a method of traffic calming. The consultation results showed that there was a 17% response rate and that 64% of the local residents who responded said 'no' to the proposals. In addition local police and Transport for London also voiced their concerns and were not in favour of the scheme. As a result the report recommended that the proposal should be refused when it is brought up for discussion at a meeting at the council which is being held on Tuesday 1 July 2014. The roads listed in the proposals were: Fishponds Rd, Khama Rd, Selkirk Rd, Graveney Rd, Hebdon Rd, Ansell Rd, Lingwell Rd, Glenburnie Rd, Morven Rd and Gateside Rd. Read more & comment. - Fri 27th Jun 2014, 09:24 PM

  13. Wimbledon AFC Exhibit their Plans for a New 20,000 Seat Football Stadium in SW17

    Wimbledon AFC and Galliard Homes are currently holding an exhibition showing their plans for a new 20,000 football stadium and 600 new homes they would like to build in place of the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium site, which is located in SW17 at the end of Blackshaw Road and next to Garratt Business Park just off Garratt Lane. The exhibition held at Tooting Leisure Centre today, Friday 27 June 2014, and will be on again tomorrow, Saturday 28 June 2014. At least one other group is known to be submitting plans to Merton Council other than the Wimbledon AFC and Galliard Homes consortium. Once all plans have been submitted to the Merton Council's Planning Department the council will then pick which one should go ahead. Read more & comment. - Fri 27th Jun 2014, 04:44 PM

  14. Tooting Commons Public Meeting, Monday 23 June 2014

    A public meeting regarding the Tooting Commons was held in Tooting Bec on the evening of, Monday 23 June 2014. Many local people attended. Ideas for future plans for the commons were discussed including what the recently awarded Heritage Lottery Fund money should be used for. In addition the subject of the lack of public toilets and drinking water on the commons was brought up by a member of the audience. An official from Wandsworth Council replied that they did not intend to put in public toilets, to which there was much uproar in the audience. In addition there was also a public vote asking whether Woodfields Recreation Ground on an adjoining site (this is owned by Wandsworth Council but is technically in Lambeth) should be included with the Tooting Commons for administration purposes. The overwhelming vote was for 'yes'. Read more & comment. - Tue 24th Jun 2014, 03:36 PM

  15. Big Plans for the Tooting Commons following £273k Heritage Lottery Award

    A sum of £273,200 has been awarded from the Heritage Lottery Fund to help raise the profile of some of the heritage features of the Tooting Commons. Following this award there is also a chance to apply for up to £2m in a second round of funding. There are big plans for improvements to the commons using this money. It will help to restore raise the profile of some of the heritage features on the commons. Plans include restoring a heritage fountain, restoring heritage features at Tooting Bec Lido and refurbishing the pavilion on the adjoining Woodfield Recreation Ground to bring it back into community use. The money will also help to restore ancient habitats and promote biodiversity, as well as help to devise and fund volunteering initiatives involving local residents and to provide local people with new skills. Read more & comment. - Tue 24th Jun 2014, 03:36 PM

  16. Coral's Plans for Betting Shop, Opposite Sainsbury’s, on Tooting High Street Approved

    After Wandsworth Council had refused Coral Racing Ltd plans for a metal shop front, for the site opposite the Sainsbury’s on Tooting High Street on grounds of it being unsympathetic to the location, they had re-applied to install a wooden shopfront instead. This has now been approved by the council, meaning that they can now go ahead and open here as the gambling licence for the site has already approved and permission for change of use was not required for this site, which was previously a burger shop. As legislation stands only changes from retail shops to betting shops require permission for change of use to be sought. Read more & comment. - Mon 23rd Jun 2014, 02:48 PM

  17. Furzedown Festival's Big Day Out 2014

    The annual Big Day Out event which takes place as a part of the Furzedown Festival, organised by the Furzedown Network, took place on Saturday 21 June 2014. The sun shone and thousands took advantage to come along to the Furzedown Recreation ground to listen to the live music, have a picnic, shop at the many stalls and take part in the many activities laid on. Read more & comment. - Sun 22nd Jun 2014, 11:42 AM

  18. St Nicholas Church Fun Day for the Tooting Community, Saturday 21 June 2014

    St Nicholas Church held a free Fun Day for the Tooting Community on Saturday 21 June 2014. It was a sunny day and many attended. There were many free activities outdoor games, children's entertainment, a barbeque, an ice-cream van and even tours of the church and graveyard led by local Graveney ward councillor, Rex Osborn. Read more & comment. - Sat 21st Jun 2014, 10:56 AM

  19. New Owners of Tooting Constitutional Club Site Apply for Alcohol & Music Licence to Late Hours

    The new owners of the Tooting Constitutional Club site, on the corner of Tooting High Street and Woodbury Street, have applied for a licence to play music and sell alcohol until 2am at the weekends and to midnight on other days. The licence is the type that is applicable to a bar/pub and not for a members club as was at the site previously. Public comments to this can be given to the council by Thursday 10 July 2014. Read more & comment. - Wed 18th Jun 2014, 05:17 PM

  20. Council Approves Shisha Bar for Mitcham Road, Tooting

    The council has given approval to the opening of a new shisha bar on Mitcham Road in place of Broadway News, with the smoking area being located in the back garden. Shisha is a type of tobacco (like you get in cigarettes) which is sweetened with fruit or molasses sugar, making the smoke more aromatic. This is smoked through a device known as a shisha-pipe or hookah. However, a word of warning the latest research shows that an equivalent of over 100 cigarettes is smoked in the average shisha-smoking session in one hour, with every puff being equivalent to a whole cigarette. Read more & comment. - Wed 18th Jun 2014, 04:50 PM

  21. Go Ahead for Development of Pearl Chemist and Adjacent Shops on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    Pearl Chemist plans to demolish several shops next to Iceland, on Mitcham Rd in Tooting, for a new development were given the go-ahead at a council planning committee meeting last night, Tuesday 17 June 2014. Pearl Chemist, the adjoining Medical Centre and Sonia are to be demolished and replaced with a modern 4 storey building consisting of two lower floors with retail and health services and two upper floors with residential flats. Read more & comment. - Wed 18th Jun 2014, 04:43 PM

  22. Amended Development Plans for the Defoe Chapel Site on Tooting High Street Approved

    Two planning applications related to the development of the historic Defoe Chapel site at 19 Tooting High Street were given the go-ahead last at a planning applications committee meeting at the council last night, Tuesday 17 June 2014. The Defoe Chapel site is one of Tooting’s oldest buildings having been built in 1766. The approval is for enlarging the ground floor retail shop space, extending the building up by a floor at the back and the use of the upper two floors for residential flats. Superdrug will are planning to move into the finished ground floor retail space from there current site elsewhere on Tooting High Street. Read more & comment. - Wed 18th Jun 2014, 04:27 PM

  23. Tooting Community Garden Open Day & Fete, Sunday 15 June 2014

    The Tooting Community Garden open day and fete took place on Sunday 15 June 2014 at a garden hidden away on a road called North Road, which runs parallel to Tooting Bec Road, near Tooting Bec Common. The garden is run by local community group Transition Town Tooting. Many attend the event to look at the plants, relax, have picnics and even take part in some garden games. Read more & comment. - Sun 15th Jun 2014, 07:44 PM

  24. Thousands of Cyclists Ride through Tooting on the London to Brighton Bike Ride, Sunday 15 June 2014

    Some 28,000 cyclists rode through Tooting yesterday, Sunday 15 June 2014, as a part of the 39th London to Brighton Bike Ride making for an extraordinary site. Read more & comment. - Sun 15th Jun 2014, 06:27 PM

  25. Decorative Stonework Crashes Down from Tooting Shop Narrowly Missing Shoppers

    A large piece of decorative stonework came crashing to the ground from exterior of The Smoking Grill restaurant, on the corner of Upper Tooting Road and Letchworth Street yesterday, Thursday 12 June 2014. The stonework fell to the ground next to a fruit and veg stall narrowly missing shoppers in a busy shopping area in Tooting. Read more & comment. - Fri 13th Jun 2014, 09:39 PM

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