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Tooting News

This section contains news brought to you by the Tooting Online editorial Team from every corner of Tooting, London, SW17. This page has news summaries of our latest news stories for Tooting. To see the more detailed news reports, event reviews and discussions or to leave your own comment please follow the links given. You may further discuss the news given here and let us know of any news of your own in the Tooting Forum on this website.

Latest Tooting News

  1. The Little Taperia, a new Spanish Tapas Restaurant on Tooting High Street

    A new Spanish tapas restaurant called The Little Taperia has opened on the Tooting High Street and Nutwell Street corner in place of Bonnie Pets & Flowers. The Little Taperia is run by local residents and existing Tooting business owners; Hikmat Antippa (from Meza) and Madeline Lim (from the Little Bar). Read more & comment. - Fri 8th May 2015, 07:56 PM

  2. Sadiq Khan Re-Elected as Tooting MP in 2015 General Election

    Sadiq Khan (Labour Party) was re-elected as Tooting MP with a 2,842 majority (47.2%) of the vote in the General Election held on 7 May 2015. The results for the Tooting Constituency were as follows: Sadiq Khan - Labour 25,263 votes (47.2%) | Dan Watkins - Conservative 22,421 votes (41.9%) | Esther Obiri-Darko - Green 2,201 votes (4.1%) | Philip Ling - Liberal Democrat 2,107 votes (3.9%) | Przemek Skwirczynski - UKIP 1,537 votes (2.9%). Read more & comment. - Fri 8th May 2015, 10:19 AM

  3. Angela Graham Elected as Earlsfield Ward Councillor in Wandsworth Council By-Election

    Angela Graham (Conservative Party) was elected as a councillor for Earlsfield Ward, Borough of Wandsworth in a by-election held on Thursday 7 May 2015, due to the recent death of Cllr Adrian Knowles (Conservative Party). She joins Charles Lescott (Conservative) and Rachel Stokes (Labour) who had been elected in as Earlsfield ward councillors in the May 2014 local council elections. Earlsfield ward is made up of parts of Tooting SW17 and Earlsfield SW18. Read more & comment. - Fri 8th May 2015, 01:00 AM

  4. Work to do up the Trafalagar Arms Has Commenced

    Work to do up the Trafalgar Arms on Tooting High Street has started. It is becoming one of Young’s Geronimo Inns gastropubs. The site is expected to reopen this summer. Read more & comment. - Thu 7th May 2015, 09:12 AM

  5. Tooting Online Forum Members General Election Poll Results for Tooting Consituency

    A general election voting intentions poll was carried out amongst the Tooting Online forum members. The votes cast by those who are residents living in the Tooting Constituency area were as follows: Dan Watkins, Conservative Party (44.4%), Sadiq Khan, Labour Party (38.9%), Esther Obiri-Darko, Green Party (8.3%), Przemek Skwirczynski, UKIP (3.7%) and Phil Ling, Liberal Democrat (0.9%), undecided but will vote for someone on the day (2.8%) and wouldn't be voting in this election (0.9%). Read more & comment. - Wed 6th May 2015, 03:26 PM

  6. Aldi to Open at their New Tooting High Street Shop in November 2015

    Aldi is aiming a new branch of its supermarket on Tooting High Street in November 2015. It will be located at the site which was until recently occupied by both Superdrug and Poundworld. Read more & comment. - Wed 6th May 2015, 11:45 AM

  7. William Hill Betting Shop on Mitcham Road, Tooting, has Closed Down

    The William Hill Betting shop on Mitcham Road, near Tooting Library, has closed down. Read more & comment. - Tue 5th May 2015, 04:07 PM

  8. Pearl Chemist in Tooting to Temporarily Locate to New Site across the Road

    Pearl Chemist on Mitcham Road, Tooting, will be relocating to a new building across the road in June 2015 whist their current site is redeveloped. Work to demolish their current site and the adjoining buildings is expected to start this summer. Read more & comment. - Sat 2nd May 2015, 06:20 PM

  9. Change of Use Plans for Shop on the Corner of Mitcham Road and Mellison Road in Tooting

    A new planning application has been submitted to Wandsworth Council, for change of use of the Mitcham Road and Mellison Road corner shop in Tooting to a "dessert / ice-cream parlour". This was done following complaints by local residents to the council that the shop had been fitted out without planning and permissions. However further investigations has shown that the applicant is well known for operating shisha bars in the guise of "ice-cream parlours" and has been turned down for retrospective applications for two such places recently in Norbury, SW16, recently where residents complained that the businesses both called Café Havana were being run more like night club type establishments as opposed to ice-cream parlours. Read more & comment. - Thu 30th Apr 2015, 10:45 AM

  10. New Legislation Means it Now Harder to Open a New Betting Shop in Tooting

    There has been much concern in recent years with many new betting shops opening on the local high streets in Tooting with both local residents and council trying to prevent such shops opening and failing to do so due to lack of legislation. However new legislation has now been introduced by the Government which removes betting shops from the same useage class as banks and estate agents (class A2 - financial and professional) into a their own unclassified class. This Government Order came into force as of 15 April 2015. This means that change of use from any business other than a betting shop will now require planning permission. Previously this was only required if the site was being used as a retail shop (class A1). Read more & comment. - Mon 27th Apr 2015, 11:30 PM

  11. Wandle Housing Association New Building Revealed on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    The iconic Wandle Housing Association building on Mitcham Road opposite Tooting Police Station was demolished in July 2014 and work has been going on since then to construct a new block of flats in its place. The hoarding and scaffolding infront of this site has now been removed revealing the new building. Read more & comment. - Sun 26th Apr 2015, 05:48 PM

  12. Galito's Piri Piri to open on London Road and Finborough Rd corner, Tooting

    Work is underway fitting out a new chicken shop called Galito's Piri Piri on the London Road and Finborough Road corner at Tooting Junction. Read more & comment. - Sun 26th Apr 2015, 05:43 PM

  13. Dawat Refused Change of Use to Restaurant for New Site on Upper Tooting Road

    Dawat restaurant's planning application for change of use of the shop, opposite Oxfam, on Upper Tooting Road, to a restaurant has been refused by Wandsworth Council. They are currently operating with temporary permission from just a small part of the site that they wish to change to a restaurant. Dawat, an existing restaurant on Upper Tooting Road since many years had been forced to relocate to this site as their site further along the road was being demolished for a new development. The reason the council gave for the refusal was that Dawat’s presence would reduce retail shops in Tooting Town Centre to less that 50% which is not permitted by local policy. Read more & comment. - Sat 25th Apr 2015, 02:25 PM

  14. La Cantinella, a new Neapolitan Italian Restaurant, has opened on Mitcham Road, Tooting

    La Cantinella, a new family run restaurant specialising in authentic Italian Neapolitan cuisine opened on Mitcham Road in Tooting on 21 April 2015. It is located next door to Tooting Police Station part way between Amen Corner and Tooting Rail Station. Read more & comment. - Wed 22nd Apr 2015, 10:50 PM

  15. Dusk to Dawn aka Sole Mio, near Amen Corner in Tooting, Has Closed Down

    Sole Mio restaurant, next to Tooting Police Station on Mitcham Road, which had recently been rebranded to Dusk to Dawn has now closed down. Read more & comment. - Wed 22nd Apr 2015, 10:45 PM

  16. Planning Application to Change former Snooker Hall to Church, on Upper Tooting Road, Approved

    A retrospective planning application submitted to Wandsworth Council for the change of use of the former snooker hall, located to the side of Tooting Islamic Centre (in the same building), to a church was approved by Wandsworth Council on 21 April 2015. The church which is known as "The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God" or UCKG, had been using the site since November 2009 without having first obtained the required permission for change of use of the site into a place of worship. Read more & comment. - Wed 22nd Apr 2015, 11:57 AM

  17. Tooting Constituency Election Hustings Held at St Nicholas Church, 20 April 2015

    The Tooting Constituency Election Hastings was held on the evening of Monday 20th April 2015. The event was hosted by St Nicholas Church for the local community. Prospective parliamentary candidates in attendance included Dan Watkins (Conservative), Phil Ling (Liberal) and Przemek Skwirczynski (UKIP). Sadiq Khan (Labour) was not in attendance and sent Leonie Cooper a councillor from Furzedown Ward in his place. Sadiq Khan has not yet attended any hustings organised by any community groups locally. In addition Ester Obiri-Darko (Green Party) also could not attend and Cris Poole, Putney Candidate - who didn't seem to know much about Tooting, took her place at short notice. The candidates and their stand-ins explained why people should vote for them and the audience had the opportunity to ask some questions. Read more & comment. - Mon 20th Apr 2015, 11:38 PM

  18. The Little Taperia, a New Tapas Restaurant, to Open on Tooting High Street Shortly

    The Little Taperia, a new tapas restaurant, is aiming to open in 2-3 weeks on Tooting High St. One of our editors visited to take a sneak peek inside. Read more & comment. - Mon 20th Apr 2015, 05:19 PM

  19. Work is Underway Fitting Out the New Business Premises on the Garratt Lane and Fountain Road Corner

    Work is finally underway fitting out the ground floor of the new building at the corner of Garratt Lane and Fountain Road which was built a number of years ago. The site had previously been where the Fountain Pub was located. The pub was demolished a decade ago and replaced with new buildings made up of flats and two business units on the ground floor. Despite the flats have been occupied years ago the business units had remained empty until now and it is both of these which are now being fitted out. Read more & comment. - Mon 20th Apr 2015, 02:39 PM

  20. Oriental Way Restaurant on Mitcham Road, Tooting, Looks to Have Closed

    There has been no activity at the Oriental Way Chinese Restaurant on Mitcham Road in Tooting for some months and this business looks to have closed. Read more & comment. - Sun 19th Apr 2015, 05:33 PM

  21. Ploy's Cafe on Trinity Road, Tooting Bec, has been Put up for Rent

    The premises that Ploy's Cafe occupies on Trinity Road have been put on the market so it is likely this not long open business is set to close. Read more & comment. - Sat 18th Apr 2015, 05:03 PM

  22. Rio's Piri Piri to open in Place of Shahab Sweets & Bakers on Upper Tooting Road

    Work is underway in fitting out Rio’s Piri Piri where Shahab Sweets and Bakers used to be on Upper Tooting Road. Read more & comment. - Sat 18th Apr 2015, 04:50 PM

  23. Franco Manca Pizza are looking to Open in Tooting

    Franco Manca Pizza, a fairly new and fast growing pizza chain specialising in sourdough pizza are looking to open in Tooting and are currently searching for a site in the area. Read more & comment. - Fri 17th Apr 2015, 12:17 PM

  24. Stateside Kitchen on the Corner of Tooting High Street and Blackshaw Road has Closed Again

    Stateside Kitchen, an independent artisan burger shop, on the corner of Tooting High Street and Blackshaw Road has closed down. It had originally opened as Burger Joint in 2012. They then briefly closed and then reopened again following a rebranding to Stateside Kitchen in May 2013. The restaurant was then closed in August 2013 as the owners said that they did not have time to run it as it was being done as a spare time activity. They then reopened once again in May 2014 and have now closed again presumably for good this time. Read more & comment. - Thu 16th Apr 2015, 08:34 PM

  25. News Update on the RACS Parade Development, Upper Tooting Road

    All the contractors and builders have been assigned and the developers are hoping to start the work at the end of July 2015 for the RACS parade redevelopment on Upper Tooting Road. Confirmed businesses for the site include Premier Inn, Waitrose and Costa Coffee. Read more & comment. - Tue 14th Apr 2015, 12:47 PM

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