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Tooting Library's Community Day

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    Tooting Library's Community Day

    Community Event Information by Tooting Online

    Tooting library are holding a Community Day on Saturday 14th July 2012 from 10am -5pm. There will be all sorts of activities and information available for both children and adults on this day.

    There will be stalls from various local community organisations including the following and more:
    • Local history group
    • Local recycling and waste management
    • Local health trust / PCT
    • The asian community library

    There will also be a book sale and opportunities to find out and get involved with the Friends of Tooting Library and Tooting Library Volunteers.

    Friends of Tooting Library: This is a new group to be formed of local library members. The group’s primary task will be to support the development of the library to encourage participation and community involvement. It will also aim to raise funds, promote and publicise the libraries services. Members will have to be able to commit to quarterly meetings (4 meetings a year).

    Tooting Library Volunteers: Volunteers at the Library currently do a number of jobs examples include: reading support and homework help for children, adult reading support and helping speakers of foreign languages.

    Children's Activities at Tooting Library's Community Day
    The children's section of Tooting Library will also be running various activities on this day. This will include a treasure hunt for children. They will have to pick up a treasure hunt sheet and find 5 hidden characters around the library. All those who complete the hunt will be then entered for a prize draw and names will be drawn out on Monday. In addition a volunteer who normally runs the children's Chess Club will also be running a chess club session from 10.30 – 11.30am.

    The Children's Summer Reading Challenge will also be launched today and any children who what to take part can sign up to this from today. All children who join the challenge will be given a Story Lab pack and will be required to read six books during the holidays. They will get stickers and other rewards along the way and when they complete the challenge they will be awarded a medal and certificate.

    On an additional note, if you are a parent who is a regular user of Tooting Library's children's services, you may be interested to know that the children's librarian (Sarah) has now emigrated and some of the librarians from the adult library (Bill Bawden, Caroline Mitchelll and Heather Shepard) will be holding the fort here this summer until another children's librarian is appointed.

    Tooting Library is located at 75 Mitcham Rd, Tooting, London SW17 9PD.

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    If you missed the Community Day at the Tooting Library, the following is some of the information that was given out on the day:

    Friends of Tooting Library
    If you are interested having a say in the library services, commenting and suggesting new services, promoting the library and ensuring it meets the needs of local people - then you can become a Friend of the Tooting Library. Just fill in the very short form at the Library (with your name and contact details) or email these details to the Library (more details are available on another forum thread here).

    Volunteering at the Library
    Volunteering at the Library is a separate activity to being a Friend. There are already over 30 volunteers working at the library and volunteers do extra work at the library and not the librarian’s jobs. To do this you will need to pick up and fill a full application form, available in the Library. This form requires you to include your full employment history, any training courses you have done, list your skills and provide 2 references. This activity is administered centrally at Wandworth Council - so your application will be sent there at the first instance and then you will be called in for an informal interview / chat (within 1 to 2 weeks of applying) with Lesley Randall a senior librarian a Tooting Library who is in charge of volunteers. She will then try to match your skills and interests to a volunteering activity. Some voluntary activities include: helping children and adults with reading, helping foreign language speakers, and helping to teach others basic computer skills.

    Tooting History Group
    This is an independent local community group that runs evening meetings related to local history at the Tooting Progressive Club at Amen Corner (227 Mitcham Rd, Tooting, SW17 9JG) on selected Tuesday evenings throughout the year. Incidentally the meetings are held on a day of the week that the progressive club is closed to its members. So only the History Club will be there at the time of the meetings. Their next two meetings are expected to be on Tue 11 Sept 7.30pm and Tue 13 Nov 7.30pm. It is free for anyone who is interested to attend the meetings. However if you wish to become a member and take part in the voting for the chair of the group etc this can be done by paying a yearly membership fee of 5.


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